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Return Amazon Gifts Guilt Free; The Gift Giver Will Never Know

An Amazon package in someone's trunk, on its way to be returned.

Stuck with a gift or two you don’t like? Well, if it’s from Amazon, you’re in luck! You can return most gifts by following these easy steps. And the best part? The gift-giver will never know!

Gift-giving can be tricky and not every gift is a hit. Rather than shove an unwanted Amazon gift into the back of a closet, you can easily return it. Here’s what you need to know.

The Gift Giver Won’t Know (And You’ll Get a Gift Card)

Many people don’t realize that when you return an Amazon gift, the money goes directly to you. If you have an Amazon account, the funds will be loaded onto your gift card balance once you send the item back. Even though the purchase was completed online using the gift giver’s Amazon account, returns function like they would with a brick-and-mortar store. When you take a gift back to Macy’s, the returns department at Macy’s doesn’t refund the gift giver’s credit card or notify them after all.

So you can return the Amazon gift without worrying the gift giver will know. Then you can shop for something you want, without them being hurt that you didn’t like the original item (unless they come over and ask to see it—then you’re in trouble).

How to Return Your Amazon Gifts

There are a few small things to keep in mind depending on how you received the gift (and how the gift was processed in the Amazon system).

Amazon Returns If You Have a Gift Receipt

First, check to see if your gift came with a gift receipt or an order number. If you have either of those, you can start your return here. Naturally, returning an Amazon gift with an actual gift receipt is the easiest.

Amazon Returns If You Don’t Have a Gift Receipt

If a friend or relative sent you something but didn’t select “gift” when ordering, or there is no order number or gift receipt included, don’t worry! Chances are you can still return the item, all without the gift giver knowing (and the money still going to you!).

Start by contacting customer service, telling them you received a gift, but there was no order number or gift receipt included. They’ll ask for the gift giver’s email address (hopefully, you have access to this!). After that, it should be smooth sailing.

Amazon Items You Can’t Return

There is an exception to the smooth sailing bit, however. Unfortunately, items that were purchased from an Amazon third-party seller must be returned by the original purchaser—meaning you won’t be able to return those items by yourself (bummer).

You can check to see if this is the case by looking up the item on Amazon or by contacting customer service.

How to Ship Amazon Returns Back

If the gift is eligible for return (with or without a gift receipt) you’ll then be given options for returning your unwanted gift. Most Amazon returns are now done through UPS, although you can return certain Amazon gifts to Kohl’s if you have an order number.

Customer service will let you know your options. And you don’t even have to package up the item—they’ll do it for you! And, if you use the Kohl’s return option, not only do you get the ease of just dropping it off for them to package and ship back, but your drop-off confirmation receipt also acts as a coupon for shopping at Kohl’s that day. And that little Kohl’s coupon bonus isn’t just some sort of “Sorry you didn’t like your gift” consolation prize. You get a coupon every time you return anything from Amazon, even if you’re returning your own purchases.

All in all, dealing with unwanted gifts (well, those that have come from Amazon) has gotten a whole lot easier! Go forth and get the stuff you really want.

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