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Here’s Why You Should Keep Cotton Swabs in Your Kitchen

Cotton swabs in clear jar.
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Most of us know not to use cotton swabs in our ears, but these tools are super beneficial for many other uses around the house. They can clean all sorts of areas in your home.

For example, you can keep a container of cotton swabs in your kitchen to help with intricate cleaning projects.

How often have you tried to get the gunk out of the tight creases in your water bottle? Rather than trying to shove a sponge into the thin threads, use a cotton swab to easily clean the crevices.

Not only do cotton swabs perfectly fit into hard-to-reach places, but they also easily absorb the muck from whatever they’re cleaning. Use a dry or damp cotton swab to simply clean out the dirt.


Stay prepared with a large pack of cotton swabs.

You can also use a cotton swab to scrub out the extra crumbs in the tight corners of lunch boxes or reusable bags. Dirt can quickly collect in these small spaces, and cotton swabs are the perfect solution for helping these items look as good as new.

Cotton swabs are an excellent tool for daily necessities around the house. There are many other household items you can use for cleaning, such as wax paper in the bathroom and toothpaste for your jewelry.

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