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How to Clean a Cooling Rack the Right Way

Muffins sit on top of a cooling rack on a kitchen counter.
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Baking season is in full swing! While prepping your cookies, you might notice that your cooling rack isn’t as clean as it should be. But this item can be tricky to scrub as food gets stuck in the small creases.

So the best way to clean your cooling rack is by placing it inside a rimmed baking sheet.

Why does this work? You can easily soak the rack in the baking sheet with warm soapy water for several minutes to help loosen the crusty food. Rather than attempting to fit your sponge inside the wires, the baking sheet will give you better access for a thorough wash.

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While scrubbing the rack with a sponge, follow the wires back and forth to wipe off any extra food particles. Make sure to clean the sides for efficient cleaning. Allow the cooling rack to air dry or dry it with a kitchen towel.

The best part about this cleaning method? Your baking sheet will get extra scrubbing as well!

If your baking sheet is smaller than the cooling rack, you can use a shallow storage container to keep the rack in place for an efficient scrub.

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