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That Viral Stanley Tumbler Has a Cheaper Amazon Alternative

A woman sits on a bed and drinks from a coral colored Stanley tumbler with a straw and handle.

If you’ve been on Instagram or TikTok in the past few weeks, there’s a good chance you’ve seen that viral Stanley tumbler. Yes, that’s Stanley as in the famed thermos brand, and if you’ve been eyeing it but didn’t want to drop $40 for it, there’s an Amazon alternative.

You can get the Simple Modern 40-ounce Tumbler for $29.99, and it’s an almost exact dupe for the Stanley.

Now, here’s the thing. If you want the Stanley because it’s trendy, there’s nothing wrong with that. Grab that sought-after tumbler! But if you’re looking for a deal and are fine without the Stanley logo across the front of your cup, Simple Modern’s alternative is the perfect option.

Much like Stanley’s original, viral tumbler, the Simple Modern version features an insulated, double-walled stainless steel design that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours on end. Plus, the design was specifically created to fit in a cupholder despite its massive size. The bottom features a traditional, rounded base that slips into a car’s hold and then expands out to hold more of the drink.

Stanley Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler

Grab the Stanley if you really want the original, viral prouct.

While yes, the tumbler is large, it’s simple to carry. There’s an ergonomic handle right on the side for easy grip and portability. Plus, the lid has a leakproof design and a straw insert. When it comes to aesthetics, the tumbler comes in multiple colors, and you can opt for different sizes including a 30-ounce and 50-ounce tumbler.

If you’ve been seeing Stanley’s tumbler online but just don’t want to drop $40 on it, this Simple Modern alternative will be perfect for you.

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