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Is There a Right Way to Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments?

A person hangs a red, Christmas ornament onto a tree.

Christmas trees are an integral part of the holidays for many, providing nostalgic feelings of comfort and joy all season. From the moment you select that perfect tree and haul it inside your home, the fun begins because it’s time to decorate!

You could throw all the ornaments on the tree with no real strategy (isn’t that what we all do?), or you could follow these steps to hang your ornaments the right way. Yes, there’s a right way!

According to Martha Stewart Living, you want to focus the heavier ornaments on the inside branches of your Christmas tree. This will ensure you are utilizing those sturdier branches and aren’t left with sagging tree branches on the outside.

Valery Madelyn 50ct Joyful Red Green White Christmas Ball Ornaments

Keep delicate ornaments safe by hanging them the right way.

From there, work your way out and place the smaller, lighter ornaments on the outer branches. These ornaments can be hung with a pretty silk ribbon instead of plastic hooks!

And for those with fragile antique ornaments, use floral wire instead of a traditional ornament hook to twist them onto the branches. That way, they aren’t dangling there freely, easily knocked off and broken.

Once all ornaments are hung, if you notice those all-too-common gaps in your tree, don’t panic — there’s a hack for that. By the end, you’ll definitely be rockin’ around that Christmas tree.

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