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9 Smoothie Bowls to Start Your Day Right and Feel Incredible for Hours

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Prosper in health by starting your morning off with a smoothie bowl. Filled with nutrients and vitamins, you’ll love the vibrant and fresh flavors in each cold bite.

Smoothie bowls are delicious and thick smoothies that can be eaten one bite at a time rather than as an on-the-go meal. When you have time to sit and enjoy the nourishing benefits of these chilled meals, start your day right with one of these nine smoothie bowl recipes.

Chocolate Smoothie Bowls

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl topped with chocolate chips, banana, peanuts and chia seeds.
Breakfast For Dinner

That’s right- we found subtly sweet and healthy renditions filled with the chocolatey flavor many of us admire. Here are three breakfast bowls you’ll love and feel good about eating.

Hazelnut Chocolate Smoothie Bowl: If you are a Nutella lover, we found a healthier version of the chocolate hazelnut combination you cherish. For the perfect ice cream like consistency, the author suggests using an entirely frozen banana. You can use chocolate superfood powder or protein powder to get the chocolaty taste in each spoonful.

Get the Recipe: My Darling Vegan

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl: Cocoa or cacao powder combined with nut milk, frozen bananas, and all-natural peanut butter come together perfectly in this breakfast bowl.

You’ll wonder how this delicious meal is healthy at all. The Medjool dates sweeten the bowl while the chia seeds add that superfood flair that provides so many health benefits.

Get the Recipe: Breakfast For Dinner

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie Bowl: Berries and chocolate always make an exceptional combination. This recipe doesn’t even use bananas but still provides a smooth and creamy mouthfeel that you will love.

This bowl is a bit milder in the sweetness department but still offers fresh flavors from the raspberries and zucchini. You can achieve the chocolate flavor once again by using protein powder and add in vanilla extract, flax seeds, and milk for the perfect texture and flavor.

Get the Recipe: Veggiekins

Green Smoothie Bowls

Green Smoothie bowl topped with banana, raspberries, chocolate chips and shredded coconut.
Sunkissed Kitchen

If you’d like a special breakfast filled with fiber, calcium, and vitamins, then try a vividly green-hued smoothie bowl.

Healthy Green Smoothie Bowl: The title says it all in this green bowl. Filled with all vegan ingredients, this bright breakfast or snack bowl is full of fruity flavors like mango and banana. The Greek yogurt helps cream everything together, and the spinach adds the colorful component.

Get the Recipe: Sunkissed Kitchen

Super Green Smoothie Bowl: Creamy avocado blended with banana, mixed berries, spinach, and kale create a smoothie to remember. The addition of almond or peanut butter and flaxseed meal adds a salty flair with all the health benefits included. Enjoy this one topped with crunchy sunflower seeds and granola, as well as fresh berries.

Get the Recipe: Minimalist Baker

Pistachio Milk Green Smoothie Bowl: This recipe takes you through various new skillsets, including learning how to make homemade pistachio milk. You’ll add the liquid to the blender along with a date, avocado, banana, and leafy greens of your choice to create a delicious bowl.

This lightly colored smoothie is beyond velvety but offers nutrients and flavors you’ll love indulging in.

Get the Recipe: Heals

Protein-Packed Smoothie Bowls

A vibrant purple smoothie bowl topped with berries and nuts.
Just Beet It

If you love to work out and need that protein to repair and support muscle growth, try one of these for the new year.

Beet and Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl:  This brilliantly colored and flavored smoothie bowl is full of antioxidants and vitamins. Between the beets and dragon fruit, and protein powder, one bowl will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Get the Recipe: Just Beet It

Matcha Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl: For a little extra kick of much-need caffeine in the morning along with a healthy batch of oats, you’ll love this filling breakfast bowl. Matcha powder, oats, almond milk, yogurt, and bananas are all you need to start your morning right.

Get the Recipe: Mama Likes to Cook

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Bowl: For all the soul-satisfying swirls of cinnamon rolls without the regret of too many calories, try this legendary smoothie bowl. You get to enjoy so many complementing flavors while feeling amazing all at the same time.

Get the Recipe: A Magical Mess

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