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Where Do You Get the Ribbed Glasses Everyone Is Using?

Ribbed, clear glasses are filled with tea, cocktails, and coffee.

For the most part, social media trends pop up and quickly die back down, but there’s one, under-the-radar viral product that’s still flickering across screens: ribbed glassware.

If you’ve seen influencers and TikTok stars using the wavy-looking glasses, there’s good news. You can purchase ribbed glassware on Amazon, and it’s actually affordable.

Why is this vintage-inspired aesthetic such a big deal at the moment? Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be a place to point toward when it comes to a why. The pieces started popping up on social media, particularly on the channels of food and drink creators, and then, a standout favorite—the Atwell glass from Crate & Barrel—become a TikTok staple. The result was practically everyone on the internet having then, and then, of course, everyone else waned them, too.


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The Atwell glass features the ribbed design but also has a small base to make the drinkware stackable, and perhaps due to its rise in popularity, you can now get a dupe version on Amazon.

This set of four ribbed glasses from Combler for $23.99 is currently a bit cheaper than buying four Atwells (which retail for $6.95 each) thanks to a discounted price. Like the popular original, they include thin, ribbed lines running vertically around the glass as well as a tapered base for stacking. They’re also dishwasher safe, durable, and able to be placed in the freezer.

If you’ve been seeing your favorite influencer sip from this vintage-inspired glass, it can now be yours. While you’re looking for glassware, why not go ahead and grab an affordable Amazon alternative that Stanley cup, too.

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