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This Christmas Light Storage Hack Means No Untangling Next Year

Multi-colored string lights are tangled in a large ball.
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Christmas is over, and it’s time to take down the decorations. But as you do, consider your future self and what a mess next year will be if you ball up those Christmas string lights and hope for the best. Instead, store string lights the right way—with cardboard.

Cardboard or a paper towel roll and some scissors are all you need to prevent tangled Christmas lights.

How does this storage hack work? There are two methods. For the first, you’ll need paper towel rolls or leftover gift wrap rolls. Grab an empty tube and slip one end of your lights into the opening at the top. Allow it to drop about halfway down the tube, and then, secure it in place at the top with a bit of tape.

Once your lights are secure, simply wrap the strand around the roll. Once the lights are completely wrapped, secure the other end with tape, and you’re done!


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If you’ve already tossed your paper towel rolls or leftover gift wrap, don’t worry. If you’ve got the cardboard boxes your gifts were shipped in lying around, you can try the second method.

Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle. Tape one end of the lights to the board, and then, steadily wrap the lights around the board. Once you reach the end, tuck it into the other lights. All you’ll have to do next year is unroll them. Plus, the method is compact and can store quite a few strands.


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These simple and easy DIY Christmas light storage hacks are perfect if you’re in a pinch but want to get your holiday decorations down quickly. But if you are committed to Christmas, you can also invest in proper light storage such as metal rolls and tear-proof bags that’ll keep your lights safe in environments like attics and garages.

Premium Christmas Light Storage Bag

You can always invest in proper storage.

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