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10 Best Mocktail Recipes for Dry January

Three mocktails images placed side by side.
Recipes from a Pantry/ Like Mother Like Daughter/ Lyre’s

As the holiday season fizzles out and we set new health and financial goals for ourselves, a timeout on drinking can really help. Experts agree that setting the reset button at least once a year offers multiple mental and physical benefits.

Between having more energy and getting better sleep at night to limiting our caloric intake, dry January offers several advantages. If you crave a cocktail in the next 31 days of the new year, feel free to try any of these ten refreshing mocktails instead.

Apple Cider “Spiced Rum”

Two spiced rum mocktails
Marley’s Menu

While a cider-spiced cocktail is usually consumed during the autumn months, it’s delicious enough to enjoy any time of year, even without the alcohol added in. Using Ritual rum alternative, apple cider, and a few warming spices like nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon, your taste buds and belly will fall in love with this stunning mocktail.

Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative

For a more authentic taste!

Don’t forget to add a few essential elements to round out the drink. A cinnamon sugar rim, plus a cinnamon stick and sage leaf, will make you feel like you are at a real bar.

Candy Cane Mocktail

Two candy cane mocktails
This Vivacious Life

Got a few extra candy canes from the holidays? Or maybe you aren’t ready for Christmas to be over, and you love the cool crisp taste of peppermint.

If that sounds like you, you’ll have to give this virgin candy cane “martini” a go. The cool and creamy combo matches beautifully together, and it will allow you to enjoy the Christmas flavor one more time.


Two flutes of Lyre's sparkling wine used to make mimosa mocktails

A mockmosa (short for mimosa mocktail) is a virgin mimosa beverage, perfect for brunch, breakfast, or any occasion during your dry January journey. By combining Lyre’s non-alcoholic sparkling wine with orange juice, you’ll have delicious virgin mimosas to sip on with friends and family. To make a batch of mockmosa, combine one bottle of sparkling non-alcoholic wine with about 3 cups of juice.

While orange juice is most commonly used, don’t be afraid to twist things up with a new flavor. Both mango and pineapple will surely jazz things up, and a few fruit garnishes will make your drink shine!

Lyres Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Champagne

All the bubbles without the buzz!

Chocolate Mocktini

Two chocolate martini mocktails from food network courtesy of Bobby Flay
Food Network

Chocolate lovers rejoice! We have a delicious dessert mocktail that is both easy to make and gorgeous to look at! With a bit of your favorite milk (dairy or nut), plus a dash of quality chocolate syrup and corn syrup, you’ll have a delicious mocktail concocted in just minutes. Feel free to use caramel syrup instead of corn syrup.

STRYKK Not Vodka

For an extra punch!

You’ll even learn to rim a martini glass and then dip it in shaved chocolate which quickly adds to the stunning charm of the virgin drink. For more of a kick, feel free to add an ounce of an alcohol-free spirit like Strykk Not Vodka. 

Alcohol-Free Mulled Wine

Two hot mugs of alcohol free mulled wine
The Mindful Mocktail

Mulled wine is a quintessential fall and wintertime beverage that warms you from the inside out. The hot wine, combined with brandy or orange liqueur warming spices and sugar, delicately warms over a few hours on the stovetop.

You’ll notice your home filling with cinnamon, star anise, and citrus aroma as you wait for your hot beverage to finish. The virgin version can be made with a bottle of non-alcoholic merlot or cabernet, plus a splash of cranberry juice. This one is an absolute must on frigid nights.

Moscow Mule Mocktail

Two images of moscow mule mocktails
Like Mother Like Daughter

The spicy bite you get in each sip of a Moscow mule makes them a deliciously refreshing cocktail that many adore. What’s great about a mule cocktail is the ginger beer’s ability to help temper the vodka, so enjoying a virgin mule won’t change the flavor too much. You’ll still get the kick of a typical mule without any buzz aftermath.

If you are looking for something with a zesty punch with zero percent alcohol, look for a high-quality ginger beer like Fever-Tree. The naturally sourced ingredients make this premium drink both powerful and delicious.

Sangria (Sans the Alcohol)

Two images of homemade virgin sangria
Recipes from a Pantry

For something colorful, fruity, and refreshing, you’ll love this virgin sangria. What’s typically enjoyed in the hot months of summer tastes just as delicious in the cool months of winter.


It’s an excellent mocktail to serve at a party because it can be made in large batches and served in a pitcher, just like a real sangria. Plus, you can choose to prepare it in advance and add ice right before guests arrive!

Combine some of your favorite juices (this recipe calls for grape, orange, and cranberry) and combine them with ice and bubbly carbonated water. Add fresh sliced fruit like oranges and berries from there and enjoy this delicious, family-friendly beverage.

Alcohol-Free Manhattan

A non-alcoholic manhattan made with Lyre's manhattan set

Finding the right alcoholic-free spirits to mix up some of your favorite mocktails, like the Manhattan, seems impossible, but brands like Lyre’s have made it possible. After trying it, you’ll understand why it’s the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit brand globally.

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Manhattan Spirits

When you thought a virgin Manhattan was impossible.

Lyre’s crafts its non-alcoholic spirits to mimic the classics so you can still enjoy your favorites during months like dry January. You’ll need the Lyre’s Manhattan setaromatic bitters, and, of course, the maraschino cherry garnishes to make this drink possible.

Non-Alcoholic Bailey’s

A tall rocks glass filled with homemade alcohol free baileys
The Mindful Mocktail

If sipping on a little bailey’s Irish cream on the rocks is what makes you happy, we have excellent news for you. There’s a recipe for a non-alcoholic version, and it is fantastic! Courtesy of Mindful Mocktail Blog, you’ll blend or froth up the ingredients and have this delicious cocktail ready in just a few minutes.

You can make minor adjustments until you reach the perfect consistency you like. Not creamy enough? Add a dash of heavy cream. Not punchy enough? Throw in an ounce of alcohol-free whiskey and enjoy your drink free of guilt.

Mai Tai Mocktail

Two images of a virgin mai tai
Liz On Call

Mai Tais are both fun to drink and serve at parties! Considering the alcoholic version is made up of mostly juice (and some rum), mimicking it without alcohol is simple.

This virgin recipe calls for almond syrup to replace the dark and aged rum flavors, which typically boast almondy, caramel, and vanilla notes. Enjoy this sweet mocktail with the help of orange and pineapple juice, grenadine (primarily for color), ice, and a few garnishes.

Dry January is a time for folks to hit the reset button on drinking and an opportunity to set healthier intentions for the new year. If you don’t consider yourself much of a mixologist, you can try ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages instead.


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