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The LifeSavvy Best of CES 2023 Awards: Yes, You’ll Actually Use These

CES sign outside of a convention center.
Justin Duino / LifeSavvy

For many, the new year season means a new beginning, some new goals, and a few new habits. But for us, it also means new, innovative products courtesy of the previews at CES 2023. We’ve got some favorites from the event.

Just in case you’re not familiar—and we don’t blame you if you don’t consume technology news like candy—CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. Essentially, it’s an international preview event where organizations and companies show off their latest, most innovative, and coolest gadgets for the upcoming year. And it’s not just your standard computers, televisions, and the like. The event brings together nearly every category including home, kitchen, beauty, health, and fitness.

Basically, there’s a little something for everyone at CES. So what did we love most? Here’s LifeSavvy’s Best of CES 2023.

Best in Show: CookingPal Pronto

A CookingPal Pronto sits on top of a modern kitchen island.

In a world of air fryers, slow cookers, and Instant Pots, standing out among small kitchen appliances can be tricky, but the new Pronto from CookingPal has not only managed to do it but to also become our Best in Show.

The new CookingPal Pronto is the ideal find for home chefs looking to integrate smart home technology into the cooking process and make cooking itself a quicker, more seamless process. The Pronto is an eight-in-one pressure cooker that can connect to the Smart Kitchen Hub, a digital helper that can automate the cooking process, give users access to hundreds of recipes with guidance on prep, and allow users to book cooking classes with CookingPal chefs.

Even without the connection to the Smart Kitchen Hub, CookingPal Pronto’s abilities are impressive. The appliance can pressure cook, saute, slow cook, steam, ferment, and warm food. Plus, you can add an air fryer attachment that brings the trendy cooking method to your kitchen.

The Pronto and its six-quart, easily removable main bowl can cook for up to a family of four and features cool touch handles for serving right out of the bowl. Plus, the device has safety sensors and an auto-pressure release that helps ensure that the hands-off cooking device is as safe as possible. Of course, the whole device can be controlled and the cooking process monitored via the CookingPal app.

When can you get your hands on it? The CookingPal Pronto is set to debut in the third quarter of 2023 and will retail for $279.

Best Smart Cleaning Tool: Positec Noesis Florio 2-in-1 Floor Cleaning Robotic System

The Noesis 2-in-1 vacuum is docked in its stand.

When it comes to smart cleaning products, most people are familiar with robotic vacuums, but what about combination vacuums and mops? That’s exactly what Positec’s Noesis Florio is.

The system features a hybrid mop and vacuum as well as a docking base, and it automates the process of cleaning your floors. The Noesis can be programmed to alternate between four cleaning modes: vacuum, wet mopping, dry mopping, and a vacuum and wet-mop combo. Depending on your needs, set up your appliance to do a mix of all four depending on the area. You can also choose different modes for suction power and water usage using the Noesis app.

Perhaps the coolest part of the Noesis Florio, though, is that it’s practically maintenance-free. The system automatically replaces dirty mop pads with clean ones stored inside the system itself, and the base holds up to two liters of water and 40 clean, disposable pads that’ll be automatically cycled through. Homeowners will need to change the water and mop pads only once per month on average, and the base station also allows for self-emptying with a capacity to hold debris for up to two months. Talk about cleaning with ease.

Best Smart Baby Device: BabyArk Convertible Car Seat

The BabyArk car seat is on display at CES 2023
Hannah Stryker / LifeSavvy

For parents and caregivers, nothing is more important than child safety, and BabyArk is bringing military-grade technology and aeronautical engineering to its car seat.

While other brands use plastic materials to construct their car seats, the BabyArk is made of anti-crash materials like carbon fiber and a specially designed material called D3O, an impact-absorbing, military-grade tested polymer. Then, there’s the steel SafeCoil system designed for energy and shock absorption during a crash.

Perhaps the best thing about the BabyArk, however, is the smart seat which gives parents and caregivers real-time notifications regarding a child’s safety in the seat. There are 14 sensors in the base that connect to the BabyArk app and let the user know if the seat is correctly installed, a child is left in a car, or the child is properly buckled.

The BabyArk is slated to launch in the summer of 2023 and will retail for $1,109.

Best Office Upgrade: ErgoAV ERDS1–01B Adjustable Height Desk

A standing desk sits in a minimalist office at night time with a chair in front of it and a monitor and keyboard on the desktop.

There’s little better than when design and function come together in a beautiful blend, and that’s exactly what’s happening with ErgoAV’s first-ever standing desk.

ErgoAV is known for its TV stands, mounts, and other AV accessories, and now, it’s launching a standing desk packed with useful features integrated into a minimalistic design perfect for any workspace.

The office furniture features a sleek desktop (measuring 56.7″ x 50.6″ x 27.6″) with a glossy finish and two minimalist legs with rounded edges. As you might have guessed already, the desk can be used as both a standard, sitting desk or can be raised so you can reap the benefits of standing while working.

Equipped with anti-collision technology, lowering or raising the desk is simple and safe. The piece will automatically stop if its sensors recognize an obstacle. The desk also features built-in cable management, a surge protector, a wireless charging pad, and USB-C and A charging ports.

Best Smart Beauty Device: L’Oréal HAPTA

The LOreal HAPTA Device is paired with the Lancome logo and features golden attachments to help those with mobility issues.

When you think of tech, your mind might not go to beauty right away. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of smart beauty innovation happening, and our favorite from the conference is L’Oréal’s HAPTA.

The device is the first handheld computerized makeup applicator and was created to assist those with limited hand and arm mobility with precisely applying makeup. The device is currently designed to be used with lipsticks and is being piloted in partnership with Lancôme for 2023.

The HAPTA has smart motion controls that allow users to improve their range of motion, open difficult beauty item packaging, and apply products more precisely. It also incorporates stabilization and leveling technology from Verily which was originally used to assist in eating. The top attachment enables users to set the position of the lipstick, keep it in place, and even lock it in for future uses. The tool is battery-operated (and rechargeable in just three hours) and has up to an hour of continuous use.

Best Smart Medical Device: Valencell Fingertip Blood Pressure Device and App

A fingertip blood pressure monitor from Valencell.

Whether you’re hypertensive or just health conscious, you might monitor your blood pressure at home. You know just how pinching, painful, and cumbersome traditional blood pressure cuffs can be—particularly if you’re using them on your own. Valencell’s fingertip blood pressure monitor fixes that.

The monitor allows users to check their blood pressure in less than a minute using only a small clip that attaches to the middle finger. The clip looks quite a bit like a pulse oximeter but is solely for blood pressure. Inside the clip, there are sensors that use reflected light to measure blood flow. Then, AI is used to process the reading alongside user data like age, weight, height, and gender. Your blood pressure is then clearly displayed on top of the meter and transmitted to an app via Bluetooth.

Valencell is seeking FDA clearance for the device by late 2023.

Best Kitchen Appliance: GE Profile Smart Mixer

Two GE Profile Mixers are on display at CES 2023.
Hannah Stryker / LifeSavvy

Saying the world of kitchen appliances—particularly mixers—is vast would be an understatement. There are multiple standout brands, but GE’s Profile Smart Mixer is coming for them all with its innovative, smart features.

The Profile Smart Mixer takes all of the practical things you need and want in a mixer and then steps them up a bit with cutting-edge technology. With the appliance, home chefs can weigh ingredients directly in the mixing bowl thanks to an incorporated scale.

Meanwhile, sensors built into the mixer help improve the mixing process by monitoring texture and viscosity, and there’s an automatic shut-off that prevents over and under-mixing. Plus, voice control technology lets cooks operate the machine while doing other tasks in the kitchen. With the GE SmartHQ app, bakers can also be connected to guided recipes with step-by-step instructions that connect to the applicance for an easy cooking and baking process.

Best Lawn & Garden Device: Rachio Smart Hose Timer

Rachio Smart Smart Hose Timer at CES 2023
Hannah Stryker / LifeSavvy

Do you remember when the smart light revolution happened? You could turn your lights on and off with a click, set timers, and just generally feel like you were living in the year 3000. Now, you can feel that way about your sprinklers with the Rachio Smart Hose Timer.

With the new tool—which is slated to launch in March 2023 and retail for $99—you can turn any sprinkle or watering tool into a smart one. The timer attaches to your outdoor water spigot and garden hose. Once connected, you can use the app to control timing and water flow. Out of town and need to water your plants? You can do it from your app with the Smart Hose Timer.

One of the coolest parts of the timer, though, is its “Weather Intelligence” feature. The timer and app can be tied to your location, and then, weather patterns and seasons are monitored and watering schedules are automatically adjusted. If it rains one day and you no longer need to water, your timer will know and suspend its schedule.

Best Smart TV: TCL QM8 Mini-LED TV

A large television is hung over a fireplace in a modern home.

TCL is no stranger to the premium TV game; its 6-series featured QLED displays like the TCL R635 2021 (which landed a spot in our picks for the best TVs) and was met with high praises for its impressive upscaling capabilities, solid affordability, and out-of-the-box Roku integration. However, introduced at CES 2023, the TCL QM8 Mini-LED TV is bigger and brighter than anything we’ve seen from the company before.

TCL’s 2023 flagship model is equipped with HiBright Ultra display technology, boosting peak brightness levels and adding vibrancy to every shot. The QM8 also introduces substantial upgrades to dimming zones over its previous Mini-LED display lineup, offering a fuller contrast ratio for deep, rich blacks and reduced bloom. And if you want your TV shows and movies to sound as good as they look, you can make use of the QM8’s built-in subwoofer.

Note: Rather than Roku, the Q-series comes with Google TV compatibility.

You can purchase TCL’s QM8 Mini-LED TV in a 66-, 75-, 85-, and (massive) 98-inch size. Pricing and availability have not yet been released. —Review Geek Reviews Editor Marcus Mears III

Best Smart Lighting: Nanoleaf Skylight

Nanoleaf Skylights on display on a ceiling at CES 2023
Hannah Stryker / LifeSavvy

You can never have enough smart lighting. Your walls, lamps, and desk may be clad in RGBW, but Nanoleaf is eyeing your ceiling.

The Nanoleaf Skylight is a set of square, modular light fixtures that sit flush on your ceiling and can link together to liven up your home’s everyday ambiance or create living room light shows. Set each individual tile to one of over 16 million available colors, or all of them to the same cool white. Sync the lights to music, set schedules, adjust color temperatures—you have control of the Skylight through your Wi-Fi network at a moment’s notice.

As an added touch, Nanoleaf outfitted the Skylight with built-in Sense+ sensors. These enable motion-detected lighting and ambient light sensing, creating more ways to interact with your home’s smart lighting. We don’t have a price to give you just yet, but the Nanoleaf Skylight will be available for purchase in the third quarter of 2023. —Review Geek Reviews Editor Marcus Mears III

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