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What Is RomCom Core?

A couple in a romantic comedy

If you’re a Millennial, the romantic comedies from the 2000s probably shaped your childhood. While the storylines were fun, what we really focused on was the fashion. Fortunately for those who never threw away their claw clips and cargo pants, the clothing and accessories from our favorite romantic comedies are coming back in a big way this year.

What is RomCom Core?

A girl in a purple crop top and metallic pants
Angelina Solntseva/Shutterstock.com

Predicted by Pinterest to be big in 2023, RomCom Core is a fashion trend defined by the clothes seen in romantic comedies from the 2000s. Think outfits like Jenna’s corset tops in 13 Going on 30, Kat’s tomboy style in 10 Things I Hate About You, and Andie’s yellow slip dress in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Basically, all the clothes we wish we owned while watching those films.

RomCom Core isn’t defined strictly by what’s been seen on the big screen, however. Anything that could fit in a classic romcom counts. RomCom Core is all about embracing classic Y2K styles, including mini skirts, baby tees, and baggy pants, as well as accessories like scrunchies, belt bags, and bright makeup.

How Do You Style Romcom Core?

Two women dressed in 2000s fashion
Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock.com

Plenty of Y2K fashion has recently become popular, so there’s a good chance you already have a few pieces that you can incorporate into your outfits.

Those claw clips every cool girl seems to own? Big 2000s vibes. You’ve probably also noticed baggy pants paired with crop tops, chokers, and brightly-colored camis all over TikTok. These are all staples when it comes to styling RomCom Core.

If you aren’t sure what you want to wear, start by watching a few romantic comedies from the 2000s. Screenshot your favorite outfits and then use those as a guide to help you purchase pieces for yourself.

If you like the idea of Y2K fashion but don’t want to fully step back two decades, you can try incorporating some of the key elements of the trend into the outfits you typically wear.

Some ways you can test this out include accessorizing with items like scrunchies, shoulder bags, and chokers to add some flair to your outfit and incorporating bold makeup looks, such as bright eye shadows or glossy lips, into your regular outfits.

7 Romcom Core Must-Haves

A black shoulder bag, a makeup palette, and a tennis skirt

No RomCore Core closet would be complete without a few pieces. Here are our favorite picks to help you channel Y2K fashion.

Scktoo Tennis Skirt

A plaid mini skirt and a gray mini skirt

If you’re interested in incorporating Y2K fashion elements into your wardrobe, this tennis skirt is a great addition. The high-waisted, pleated design is reminiscent of early 2000s style, and the skater silhouette adds a playful touch.

It has a classic tennis-inspired look with its crisp solid color, making it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Whether you’re going for a nostalgic chic or sporty vibe, this skirt is a stylish choice.

Daily Ritual Slip Dress

Two women wear slip dresses
Daily Ritual

If you’re looking for a quintessential RomCom Core piece, don’t sleep on this slip dress. The cami style and thin straps are reminiscent of early 2000s fashion trends, and the lightweight fabric gives it a flowing and feminine silhouette.

Choose from nine different colors to find one that will fit best in your wardrobe. The fit will flatter any shape, so don’t be afraid to try this one out.

Daily Ritual Slip Dress

With a body-skimming fit, this dress will look good on anyone.

SweatyRocks Crop Top

Two women wear crop tops

Baby tees, more commonly called crop tops today, were everywhere in the early 2000s. This crop top is cute, comfortable to wear, and should be a staple in every closet. The slim fit and basic style make it easy to pair with a variety of bottoms, and the round neck and short sleeves give it a classic silhouette.

Pair it with a pair of baggy pants and chunky sneakers for a true Y2K look. It can also be layered under a cardigan or jacket for more warmth.

SweatyRocks Women's Basic Short Crop Top

A great closet staple, even if you aren't into Y2K fashion.


Someone holds a black shoulder bag

Who didn’t own a shoulder bag in the early 2000s? With multiple colors and patterns to choose from, this bag is the perfect way to accessorize any RomCom Core outfit.

This bag is made of 100% vegan leather and features a polyester lining and beautiful gold chains. It has a main pocket that can fit all phone sizes and has room for a wallet, cosmetics, keys, sunglasses, and more, plus a back pocket for credit cards. You’ll want one in every color!


A shoulder bag that will go with any outfit.

Prism Makeup Palette

A colorful makeup palette

A colorful makeup palette is a great addition to your Y2K-inspired beauty routine. Bold and vibrant colors were a big part of early 2000s makeup trends, and people weren’t afraid to experiment with bold looks.

This palette features 40 different colors that you can play with, from shimmery silvers to popping pinks. Whether you’re going for a dramatic, bold look or a more subtle, playful vibe, a colorful palette can help you achieve the Y2K style you’re going for.

Prism Highly Pigmented Eye Makeup Palette

Rock all sorts of colorful looks.

NYX Butter Gloss

Two women with lip gloss on

Matte lipstick had its moment, but shiny lips are coming back. Shiny lip gloss was a big part of the Y2K beauty aesthetic, so if you’re looking to incorporate that style into your makeup routine, lip gloss is a must-have.

NYX butter gloss gives your lips a glossy, shimmering finish without being sticky. Wear it alone or layer it over lipstick to add shine and dimension to your look.

NYX Butter Gloss

A staple for any RomCom Core girl.

ODODOS Metallic Belt Bag

A silver metallic belt bag

Fanny packs, belt bags, or bum bags: whatever you call them, these never seem to go out of style. Upgrade yours to fit your RomCom Core aesthetic by adding this metallic belt bag to your closet. Metallic clothing pieces were popular in the early 2000s because people were drawn to the shiny, futuristic look of metallic fabrics and incorporated them into their outfits in various ways.

In addition to adding a cute, futuristic look to your outfit, this bag is functional and versatile. The strap is adjustable and can be worn in a variety of styles, while the bag itself holds your phone, wallet, keys, and other important items.

ODODOS Mini Belt Bag

Stylish and functional.

Take it back this year and embrace the RomCom Core trend that has Gen Z and Millennials coming together. By incorporating elements like bright makeup, mini skirts, and metallic bags into your wardrobe, you can channel the playful and romantic energy of these films.

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