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Here’s Why You Should Keep a Pumice Stone by Your Toilet

Cleaning supplies sit around a toilet seat with its lid raised.
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Whether it was in your younger days or your current busy ones when chores fall by the wayside, you’ve probably forgotten to clean your toilet. Unfortunately, that one day has come along when you finally slowed down and noticed that you’ve got toilet ring stains.

If you’ve got particularly set in toilet bowl stains, a pumice stone could be the answer.

Now, here’s the thing. Unless you’ve got truly set-in, near-permanent stains, there are other methods you can use. But if you can’t seem to get rid of them, a pumice stone can help buff them away if you use a light hand.

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Typically, pumice stones are used wet and can help buff away dead skin from your heels and the balls of your feet. When used on your toilet, it does a similar act. To use it, you’ll likely want to wear gloves. Then, you’ll wet your pumice stone, and using light pressure, begin gently stroking the stains until they disappear.

When done, clean your toilet as normal, rinse it, and allow it to dry. Rinse your pumice stone and store it in your bathroom with your other cleaning supplies. Just be sure not to keep it near the one you might be using on your feet.

Whether you’re renovating an old home and have discovered toilet stains or you just oopsied and forgot about that upstairs bathroom, a pumice stone could be the answer to your problems.

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