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Is There a Right Time to Shower?

Water flows out of a rainfall showerhead.
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For most people, shower time is a binary. You either do it in the morning or at night. But is one better than the other?

When it comes to the right time to shower, there actually is no right answer. That doesn’t mean that aren’t things to consider when it comes to shower timing that could help optimize your day or night.

When it comes to showering in the morning, there are major benefits for those who choose to do so first thing. The most obvious is that it’s great at waking you up quickly. In particular, taking a cool shower in the morning can help bump you out of that AM slump. Some studies have even found that morning showers make you more productive throughout the day.

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As for evening showers, it’s all about how it helps your sleep. Studies have shown that taking a warm shower (or bath) an hour or two before bed helps cool the body’s temperature and signals that it’s time to sleep.

If (like me) you hate the feeling of going to bed dirty, evening showers are also ideal as they eliminate all of the oil and dead skin that has accumulated throughout the day. For those sensitive to pollen, you’ll also be able to wash off any allergens and not transfer them to your bed.

So is there a right time to shower? No, not as a blanket answer. However, for your needs, there could be. Think about whether you need a morning jolt or help to sleep at night and make your decision from there.

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