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This Is the Cheapest Day to Grocery Shop

A wire basket is filled with fruits, vegetables, milk, and other groceries.

Due to price increases, everyone is looking to save money at the grocery store. While you likely already know some grocery budgeting tricks, you might be missing out on a surprising one—changing the day you shop.

Wednesday is the cheapest day to grocery shop, and it’s all about how stores roll out deals.

Of course, shopping on a Wednesday isn’t feasible for some (like those with both a job and children to care for or those with schedules outside of typical work hours), but if you can make the day work for you, there’s the potential to cash in on two weeks worth of deals in one.

Here’s why. On Wednesdays, many major grocery stores (like Kroger and Walmart) launch their new weekly ads with all of the new sale products. By shopping on Wednesday, you get to snatch up those deals before other people, but it’s not the only perk.

On Wednesdays, many of the sales from the previous week’s ad are still good or have been reduced even more to clear them off shelves. This means that if you head into your grocery store on Wednesday (particularly in the morning), you could score double the number of deals. Plus, let’s be honest, it also means fewer people, and who doesn’t appreciate smaller crowds when shopping?

If you’ve been looking for more ways to save money at the grocery store, switching up your shopping day might be the unexpected method you’ve been missing.

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