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Why You Should Never Plug a Coffee Maker into a Power Strip

A coffee maker sits next to a brewed cup of coffee and a pastry.
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Sometimes there just aren’t enough power outlets to go around. From microwaves to toasters, there’s a lot to plug in! But if you’re currently using a power strip for extra plugs and your coffee maker is in one of them, you’ll want to shift things around.

You should never plug a coffee maker into a power strip because it requires too much energy and could overextend its capabilities.

While you probably already know not to plug in big-ticket items that pull continuous power (think refrigerators and freezers), it’s easy to assume small kitchen appliances are different. After, they’re small and don’t run continuously, right? Well, the issues come in when you actually start to use one of the items plugged into the power strip.

Surge Protector Power Strip

Power strips are still great for many other electronics.

A coffee maker is the perfect example of this. A maker sitting on a counter is probably pulling a minimal amount of power (to display the time or stay lit up). When you go to make coffee, though, your machine will require a high energy load that many power strips aren’t equipped to handle. That sudden and intense burst of power could overwhelm the strip and lead to an electrical fire.

It’s not just coffee makers, though. You should also avoid plugging in hot plates, slow cookers, microwaves, and toasters. While yes, a power strip seems like a convenient way to have more outlets, your best bet—even if it is annoying—is to plug and unplug each item as you use it.

And hey, maybe keeping things unplugged will help your electric bill.

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