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Will Rain-X Keep Your Shower Doors Clean?

A person wearing latex gloves cleans a shower with a microfiber cloth.

Glass shower doors are the standard in most homes now, but if you have them, you know they can be a pain to keep clean, especially when it comes to watermarks. But the secret might just be found in your stash of car supplies.

Rain-X can help keep your shower doors from becoming unsightly with watermarks, and it’s incredibly easy to implement this trick into your cleaning routine.

This idea has probably been floating around in the real world for a while, but it went viral back in 2021 thanks to Vanessa Amaro, the self-proclaimed queen of cleaning on TikTok. After all, she is a housekeeper. In her video, Amaro explains that just like Rain-X’s effect on your car’s windshield, it’ll keep water from collecting on your shower doors and leaving marks.


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The best part is that this trick is easy to use. In fact, Rain-X even makes a specific shower door cleaner you can use. According to Amaro, all you have to do is apply the shower cleaning iteration of Rain-X onto to the doors. Use a microfiber cloth to clean, and then, allow the doors to dry completely before using your shower again.

Rain-X X-Treme Clean Shower Door Cleaner

Clean your door and prevent water marks.

The result? Water will bead right off the surface. While you might still need a squeegee every now and then, this hack will certainly make keeping your shower doors clean much easier.

Curious about other easy ways to keep your shower clean? Check out this other hack from Amaro that has you keeping a dishwasher brush in your bathroom.

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