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This Viral Office Accessory Means No More Cold Feet

A woman holds up an electric foot warmer, a person sits at a desk with their feet on an electric foot warmer, and someone's feet are shown on a heating mat.

Have you ever felt like a cubicle-shaped ice cube at the office? Your feet are frozen, and you just want to ask someone to turn down the air conditioning! A recently viral heated foot mat is the answer to your problems.

Content creator @heysweetkay showcased a small electric floor mat that’ll keep your feet warm at the office or home.

In her video, the content creator, Katie, details the find as an Amazon product you didn’t know you needed, and she’s right. Essentially, it’s a mini heating pad designed to be plugged into the wall, placed on the floor, and used to keep your toes warm. As someone with consistently cold feet, this gadget is a game-changer.

The heated floor mat is incredibly simple to use. Unroll it and plug it into an outlet. Then, you can adjust the temperature (which is automatically set to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and has seven other settings) to your needs. A tappable button on the mat allows you to adjust the temperature with your foot. Because who wants to crawl under their desk all the time, right?

TISHIJIE Electric Heated Floor Mats

Stay toasty in your office.

The mat’s top is made from floor leather, so it’s water-resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. The bottom is made from rubber insulation to prevent heat from harming floors or carpets beneath it. Don’t worry about leaving it on, either. There’s an automatic shut-off that’ll give you peace of mind.

You can choose between three colors—wood grain, beige, and gray—to match your flooring. But it’s also small enough that you’d likely barely notice its position under a desk if you’re concerned about aesthetics.

If you’re one of those people who has to wear two pairs of socks at all times, this floor heating mat will revolutionize your office.

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