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This Viral Ring Lets You Scroll TikTok and Flip Kindle Pages Hands Free

A person opens a small charging box with a remote ring inside, a person uses a remote ring to scroll a for you page, and a person places a remote ring on their finger.

Whether you love scrolling your TikTok for you page (or your Instagram one) or are an avid Kindle reader, you probably long for a hands-free way to scroll or flip pages. Well, there’s a handy little gadget that’s gone viral that can help you out.

The viral TikTok ring remote is the affordable piece of tech you need if you’re dedicated to watching TikTok on the elliptical or doing your best reading while eating lunch.

Content creator @nuttygamer0502 posted the gadget back in Dec. and since then, their video has racked up a whopping 443,000 views on TikTok. In the video, the creator showcases a small, simple ring that slips over your finger and allows you to scroll between videos on TikTok or Instagram and flip pages on your Kindle app without needing to touch your phone.


With this remote control, you can play TikTok with both hands in your pockets. No matter how cold the weather is, I won't be afraid.#selftimer #remotecontrol #lazy #ring

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The product is the Adzerd TikTik Remote Control, and it’s available for $24.99 on Amazon. The remote connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. Once connected, the tool actually has several features. Using single and double taps on three buttons, you can scroll up and down on TikTok and Instagram, swipe left and right, pause and play videos, and even like them.

TikTok Remote Control

Easy, hands-free control? Yes, please.

But it’s not just social media. You’ll also be able to control your Kindle app with the device, record video and take photos remotely using your phone’s camera, pause and play music, and even answer phone calls. Basically, it makes multiple apps and features hands-free if you’re eating lunch or at the gym.

Whether you love looking at TikToks while on the elliptical or reading during your lunch breaks, this clever remote is a must-own.

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