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Why You Should Be Putting Wax Paper in Your Ice Cream Pint

A woman eats ice cream from a pint.
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There’s nothing worse than craving the remainder of your pint of ice cream only to open it and find freezer burn. The flavor has dissipated, and it’s nearly impossible to eat. Now, you’re ice cream-less. But the answer might be in your pantry.

You should use wax paper to cover your ice cream as a means to prevent freezer burn.

Over time, the ice in your ice cream begins to evaporate. When that evaporation blends with the air, it refreezes over the top of your dessert. That’s why it gets all those annoying, frozen crystals over the top. Sure, it’s safe to eat, but the flavor won’t be intact in that top layer, and you have to plow through it as well. Wax paper can prevent this whole scenario from happening.

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Never have freezing cold hands while eating ice cream again.

All you need to do is add a layer of wax paper over the top of your pint before putting your lid onto the pint. It’s completely fine if there’s a bit of paper hanging over the edge as well. By having the paper in place, you can prevent excess air from reaching the dessert and prevent some of the crystallizing from occurring.

The next time you’re in the mood for ice cream, be sure you’ve got some wax paper on hand (or you know, just eat the whole pint). Don’t have wax paper? Try this ice cream hack instead.

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