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Does Makeup With Skin Care Benefits Really Work?

A woman with flawless skin, thanks to makeup with skin care benefits.
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Like fashion, beauty has trends. One of the major beauty trends of the moment is hybrid makeup skin care products. These color cosmetics combine the creativity of makeup with the benefits of traditional skin care products. But do you actually get the skin benefits from them?

LifeSavvy wanted to understand more about just how beneficial makeup with skin care can be. To learn more, we spoke with Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, who told us more about this trend.

Does Makeup with Skin Care Benefit the Skin?

Makeup made with all natural ingredients.
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People wear makeup for many reasons. Whether it’s to enhance features or express yourself creatively, makeup is an art. For many makeup lovers, skin care is part of their beauty routine. What if you could combine them?

When you combine skin care ingredients and makeup, you get a dual-purpose product that could cut down on your morning routine and benefit your skin. So is it possible? According to Zeichner, yes and no.

“The latest generation of makeup contains a variety of anti-aging, hydrating, or skin brightening benefits in addition to providing cosmetic coverage,” Zeichner said. “Any makeup now contains the same types of ingredients you see in traditional skin care products, including hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, and salicylic acid.”

However, Zeichner does have a warning about using skin care-infused makeup. Don’t allow it to replace your existing routine. Essentially, your makeup can act as a boost to your routine, but it doesn’t have high enough concentrations of ingredients to replace what you’re already doing. They’re simply not as potent. Beneficial? Sure. But not as much as true skin care products.

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Can Makeup with Skin Care Help Everyone?


For those who have existing skin care routines, skin care-based makeup can provide a boost, and anyone can use it. The key is to look for makeup that targets or addresses your personal skin concerns.

For example, those who deal with dry skin might look to primers that include hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid such as Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primerizer and Hydrating Face Primer. They could also turn to hydrating foundations and BB Creams like Dr. Jart+’s Premium BB Tinted Moisturizer which includes glycerin for moisture and niacinamide to help the skin barrier.

Is it necessary to make the switch to makeup infused with skin care? No, but there’s a chance you’re already using it. At the moment, most beauty brands are including some form of skin care, whether it’s to help oily skin produce less oil or dry skin become more hydrated.

Wander Beauty Upgrade Lashes

Even mascaras can have benefits like this one from Wander Beauty that features copper peptides to encourage lash strength.

Is Makeup Bad for Your Skin?


With all this talk about makeup with skin care benefits, you might be wondering if makeup itself is bad for your skin. But that’s not the case according to Dr. Zeichner.

He explained that, generally, makeup is not harmful to your skin but that using the right makeup for your skin makes all the difference.

“For people who have oily or acne-prone skin, I recommend mineral or powder foundation makeup,” Zeichner said. “It is also helpful to apply makeup primer to the skin before applying your makeup to help it go on smoother and stay on longer.”

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Of course, there is always a chance for acne breakouts, skin rashes, and general skin irritation, but you can mitigate those risks by choosing the correct product, wearing it properly, and always removing your makeup at the end of the day.

Dr. Zeichner specifically cautions against wearing makeup for long periods of time—even if the product touts long wear capabilities. Of course, he stresses the importance of end-of-day removal. Whether that’s with micellar water and a cleanser or a true double-cleanse with a balm or oil-based cleaner followed by a water-based cleanse, just make sure your face is completely free of makeup at the end of the night.

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What Are the Best Skin Care-Infused Makeup Products?

A woman looking at the ingredients on the bottle of her makeup.
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If you’re curious and want to try some skin care-infused makeup in your routine, Dr. Zeichner had several personal recommendations.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation

If you are looking for a hydrating foundation that provides excellent coverage, be sure to check out Sephora for Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation.

“It provides even coverage with natural shades in a hydrating formula that protects the skin with hyaluronic acid,” Zeichner said.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Liquid Foundation

Uses a hydrating formula that protects your skin with the help of hyaluronic acid.

CoverGirl Simply Ageless Olay Liquid Foundation

Dr. Zeichner also recommended Covergirl’s Simply Ageless Olay Liquid Foundation for anyone looking to nourish their skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. You only need a minimal amount to build a full cover look, plus it’s filled with beneficial ingredients like Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

COVERGIRL Simply Ageless + Olay Foundation

Nourishes skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Jori Acne & Oil Primer

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, be sure to reach for Jori Acne & Oil Primer to wear under your foundation or on its own for a silky smooth complexion.

“It does double duty to treat breakouts and give cosmetic benefits to the skin, blowing the pores and minimizing shine,” Zeichner said. “Think of it as an insurance policy to prevent breakouts from your makeup. It uses maximum strength, 2% salicylic acid to reduce shine, blur the pores, and keep the complexion clear.”

JORI Acne & Oil Control Primer

Treat and prevent breakouts while reducing shine.

Whether you’ve already got an extensive skin care routine or do the bare minimum (which is fine, too), a little extra oomph in your makeup won’t hurt. Just be sure to stick to your skin care routine and use it as an addition, not a replacement.

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