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Why Car Wax Belongs in Your Kitchen

A blue kitchen features white cabinets and a stainless steel stove.

Your kitchen is finally clean—until you open the refrigerator to grab a drink. Shut that stainless steel door, and somehow, despite not having 40 people in your home, 40 people’s worth of fingerprints are on said door. We can’t tell you why this always seems to happen, but we can help you fix it.

You should keep car wax in your kitchen because you can use it to repel fingerprints on stainless steel appliances.

Typically, car wax is used on, well, cars. It’s designed to protect your car’s paint from abrasive elements, damaging sun, and chemicals used to treat roads. But a fun fact is that it can also be used as a protective coating on your stainless steel appliances. Just remember, though, that it’s not designed as a cleaner, just a coating.

Formula 1 Carnauba High-Gloss Shine Car Wax Paste

Bet you never thought you'd be storing car wax in the kitchen.

With that in mind, to use this hack, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your refrigerator, stove, or microwave. Then, allow it to dry completely. Lightly apply a layer of car wax. Using a microfiber towel, buff the wax clean. The treatment should help repel fingerprints for up to two weeks.

Of course, car wax isn’t the only way to make your stainless steel look gorgeous. If you want your appliances to shine, you just might want to grab the pickle juice. Yes, really.

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