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Keep Your Air Fryer Clean with This Simple Accessory

A person gets air fried chicken wings out of an air fryer.
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An air fryer can be a lifesaver when it comes to making quick, healthier dinner options. But when dinner is done and it’s time to clean, these popular appliances can be a real pain. There’s an easy solution to your air fryer cleaning woes.

Reusable air fryer liners can help keep your appliance clean minimizing the amount of cleaning you need to do after dinner.

Depending on how long you’ve had your air fryer, you’ve probably figured out that you can use both parchment paper and aluminum foil in them to keep them clean as you cook. That’s great—except for all that waste and the multiple rolls you’ll need to buy throughout the year. With reusable air fryer liners, you get all the benefits of a tidy appliance without tossing waste into a bin or needing to replace your aluminum foil every month.

These silicone liners from Demedo feature a porous design (another thing parchment paper and aluminum foil don’t have) that allows hot air to continue circulating around the food. Plus, there are 1/4-inch raised silicone dots that keep your food elevated so that you don’t need to flip it during cooking.

To use the liners, pop one into your basket, add your food, and cook as usual. While some sauce or a bit of grease might seep through the small holes, it’s a fraction of the mess you’d clean without the liner. Then, once you’re done cooking, allow the liner to cool and wash it by hand or in the dishwasher (yes, it’s dishwasher safe).

If you love trying new air fryer recipes but dread cleaning up after, a reusable air fryer liner is the accessory you need.

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