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How to Prep for Spring Cleaning According to Experts

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When the dark, chilly days turn bright and sunny, it means it’s time to open windows, let the cool breeze in, and start making your home look and feel anew. With spring cleaning season right around the corner, we wanted to ensure we were ready to give our home a sparkly new makeover.

To learn more about the ins and outs of spring cleaning, we reached out to a few experts that could help. President of Molly Maid, Vera Peterson, and COO of The Cleaning Authority, Leanne Stapf, gave us some great tips, tricks and lots of professional insight to help prepare us just in time.

What is Spring Cleaning?

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Spring cleaning is a time of year when homeowners give their space a thorough cleaning. From tidying up pantries and kitchen cupboards to washing carpets and reorganizing rooms, there are several tasks to be completed.

We asked Peterson and Stapf to explain what spring cleaning means to them and what the actual cleaning months are; we loved what both of them had to say. Peterson explained that “spring cleaning is known to be the time of year when you do a thorough cleaning of your home and clean away winter’s mess.”

“While you can do a thorough cleanse of your home any time of the year, spring cleaning is typically done at the end of March through April,” said Peterson. “When the flowers pop, it’s time to mop!”

Stapf also had some insightful words to help make the time of year more motivating. She said, “spring symbolizes a sign of new opportunities, so spring cleaning serves as a great way
for homeowners to refresh their homes and start off fresh.”

How to Prepare for Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning feels like a monumental task, and it can be, depending on how much you plan to tackle. Working through all the rooms in your home and casting out all that winter crud takes lots of time and planning.

Luckily, LifeSavvy has an elaborate 20-day Spring Cleaning Challenge that covers how to clean and organize different parts of your home.

The four-week challenge focuses on a new cleaning task to tackle Monday through Friday until your home is fully decluttered and glistening again. You’ll even find plenty of recommendations for the cleaning supplies you’ll need to complete each task.

The challenge is so thorough, in fact, that it aligns with what Peterson and Stapf say about being prepared for spring cleaning season. Peterson told LifeSavvy that in order to best prepare, you should make a checklist for each room, purchase supplies in advance, and set specific goals with deadlines.

Stapf said to make sure your list of tasks includes only top priorities and that bigger projects can wait. The LifeSavvy spring cleaning challenge will keep you focused so you can clean your home with a purpose without being sidetracked by other tasks.

Best Spring Cleaning Supplies

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Mr. Siga/ Clorox/ Honizer

Preparing for spring cleaning isn’t all about making a plan. It’s about sticking to that plan. In order to tackle every cleaning task and tidy up all the rooms in your home, you’ll want to have your tools ready in place.

While household essentials like the vacuum cleaner, duster, broom, and mop are all obvious cleaning tools you probably already own, there are a few others you’ll need for the job. We asked Stapf and Peterson to give us a list of what they think are the most essential supplies needed to tackle spring cleaning.

Microfiber Towels

Both experts added some form of cleaning rag to their list of essential supplies. Microfiber towels are constructed with hundreds of tiny fibers that pick up dirt and grime like no other material. These are fabulous for most cleaning jobs. If you plan on tackling something that you worry may stain the cloth, consider also having some rags that you don’t mind throwing away.

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The all-purpose cleaning towel everyone needs for spring cleaning season!


You will definitely need at least one or two buckets to get through all your deep-cleaning tasks. Having two on hand is great if you have a teammate helping you out. Peterson recommends having one for clean water and one for greasy, dirty water. The collapsible buckets are perfect for storing in tight spaces when they aren’t in use.

Collapsible Plastic Bucket 2-Pack

One for dirty water and one for clean water.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is often used to create a cleaning solution. Using one with a degreaser will help you get through tenacious gunk in your kitchen. For a DIY cleaning solution, a bucket of very hot water with a few drops of dish soap is excellent for tackling counters, most kitchen cabinet doors, shelving, and appliances.

Dawn EZ-Squeeze Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

Complete with two non-scratch sponges!

Disinfectant Spray

When it comes to spring cleaning, you will absolutely need disinfectant spray. Did you know there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting? While cleaning removes dirt and other visible particles, disinfecting helps kill bacteria and viruses that are present on surfaces.

Stapf told us that disinfecting the home is a great place to kick things off for spring cleaning season.

“Take a disinfectant wipe and clean doorknobs, light switches, remotes, electronics, and all
other necessary surface areas,” said Stapf.

Clorox Disinfecting Mist

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Detail Brushes

Detail brushes are a great tool to have when it comes to getting into all those nooks and crannies. If you don’t want to spend money on a new pack of grout brushes, feel free to use an old toothbrush instead.

MR.SIGA Detail Cleaning Brush Set

So you can reach all those tiny spaces.

Storage Bins

A significant part of spring cleaning is organizing and decluttering. While the job may take some serious time and effort, the results are always so rewarding. You’ll appreciate taking the time to tidy up closets, pantries, and office spaces with the help of a few bins.

If you don’t want to completely get rid of some of your items, then consider storing them away in clear plastic bins. A clear storage container makes it easy to see what you are setting aside, so when you need to find it again, you’ll have no trouble at all.

Clear Plastic Storage Organizing Container with Durable Lid

Clear storage containers help you see what you are storing.

Fancy Organizers

Aesthetically pleasing organizers are fantastic for spaces that are visible to you and your guests. For example, if your closets are open, everyone has an accessible view of the top shelf, which is probably crammed with odds and ends. A few fancy organizers will quickly help hide all those items.

3-Pack Cotton Rope Shelf Storage Baskets

Functional and fashionable!

Best Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home

A woman cleaning her floors

We wanted to make sure we weren’t missing any important details, so we asked Peterson and Stapf to offer their best tips for tackling all the rooms in your home.

Here’s what they said:

  • Clean from top to bottom: Peterson told LifeSavvy to “start by dusting light fixtures, ceiling fans, cleaning window sills and tracts, wipe down shoe molding and dust corners.” As you clean from the top, any dust or dirt that falls will get cleaned up eventually as you work your way down.
  • Clean electronics carefully: “Make sure your electronics are unplugged and cool to the touch before dusting,” Stapf said. Avoid spraying electronics directly, and instead, wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Take inventory: Stapf mentioned taking inventory of your items so you can get rid of expired products or foods and remove old unwanted stuff from the space.
  • Disinfect high-touch areas: Your disinfectant spray will come in handy when it’s time to de-germ areas that are often touched by several hands. Doorknobs, door handles, faucet knobs, and appliances are all germ-ridden spots that need a good spritz and wipe down.
  • Check smoke detectors: Peterson made an excellent point to check the batteries in all smoke detectors and to give them a good dusting while you’re up there.

Smoke detectors should be installed on every floor of your home, in every bedroom, and outside of the sleeping area as well. Don’t hold off on installing at least a few of these in your home.

10-Year Battery Combination Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector

Having a reliable smoke detector is crucial in every home.

When to Seek Professional Cleaning Services

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Spring cleaning is a big task, and sometimes it becomes necessary to reach out for help with lightening the load.

“Sometimes life happens, and you are too busy or too tired to do a thorough deep clean, or it is just too much for you to tackle on your own,” said Stapf.

Both Molly Maid and The Cleaning Authority offer professional cleaning services provided by highly trained staff, so if you feel like you need additional help from the experts themselves, be sure to reach out.

Spring cleaning season is right around the corner, but getting every cleaning task complete can be a little overwhelming. As you prepare, make sure you have all the supplies you need, and be sure to check that your cleaning supplies have not expired.

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