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Make Sheets Smell Better with This Hack

Three flat sheets are folded and stacked on top of one another.

When laundry day comes around,  your dirty sheets are probably in the wash, and you’ve got a second set you can put on the bed. Except if those sheets have been in your closet for a minute, that stale, been-in-the-closet scent has probably set in. Well, there’s a hack for that.

To keep sheets smelling freshly washed, use laundry scent boosters and mesh bags to create mini scent packs.

Content creator Vanessa Amaro, the queen of #Cleantok, showcased an incredibly easy hack on her TikTok. All you need is your favorite brand of laundry scent boosters and a small mesh bag.

Kslong 100 Small Mesh Bags

These small mesh bags are perfect for this hack.

Add a handful of the scent boosters into the bag and place it between the folds of your sheets, in drawers where they’re kept, or on shelves in your linen closet. The boosters will keep the fabric smelling fresh for weeks.


Please trust me on this and try it. My drawers and my clothes smell aaaaaamazing 🤤

♬ original sound - Vanesa Amaro ♥️

You’ve probably heard of this hack but have seen it recommended using dryer sheets. Of course, that works. However, the scent boosters are markedly strong than most dryer sheets providing a stronger scent (which, for me, is what I’m looking for). Plus, many people are given up the use of dryer sheets as they can leave films over items like towels and athletic wear as well as on your dryer vent. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring that freshly washed scent back to your sheets (or any clothes), this clever TikTok hack is the way to go.

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