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Is Eating Seasonally Cheaper?

The produce aisle in a grocery store
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You’ve probably heard people talking about eating seasonally for the health benefits, but when it comes to your grocery budget can the practice be beneficial? As it turns out, eating seasonally might just be a good idea all around.

When you eat seasonally, you’re more likely to save money at the grocery store.

How does his work exactly? Well, it’s all about supply. When fruits and vegetables are in season, there is (typically) an abundant supply. As a result, prices are lower. When you purchase out-of-season produce, there’s a good chance it has had to be imported from other countries. As a result, it’s more expensive to get into stores, and that cost is then passed onto the consumer.

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So if you’re looking to save money, switching to in-season-only produce might help reduce your grocery bill, but the benefits don’t just stop at your wallet. Some studies have shown that seasonal produce might have more nutrients and vitamins, and they avoid the use of ripening agents to speed up their growing process.

Plus, when produce needs to be created in bulk in order to meet demand, the fruit or vegetable can suffer as the focus becomes quantity and not quality. Typically, these items are selectively bred, and during that process, uniform ripening and continuing shelf life are valued over other factors which can lead to lackluster produce.

If—like most people—you’re looking to save at the grocery store, buying produce that’s in season might be a good place to start.

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