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Why You Should Be Using Two Shower Curtains

A bathroom features a freestanding tub with a shower curtain around it.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fancy shower with high-end glass doors, or they are renters with traditional shower and tub dual designs. For these people, a shower curtain is a must, and if you’re one of them and looking for a way to elevate your bathroom, there’s a clever design hack for it.

You should use two shower curtains and frame your shower and tub for a high-end look.

This clever decor hack comes from Katie Pellegrino, an interior designer on TikTok, who recommends using two curtains to frame your shower or bathtub much like you would a window. Then, don’t just hang them from your typical shower rod. Instead, move the rod up to the ceiling (or as close as possible) and use extra long curtains to heighten the area.


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Not only does the hack help to give the shower a high-end look, but it also makes a space look larger. Why? The dual curtains will make the shower appear wider and the ceiling higher. It’s the same reason many people recommend hanging your actual curtains above your window sills.

BTTN Fabric Shower Curtain

Grab two for this trick.

If you want to use this trick, you’ll want to grab two curtains, and heavy, fabric options work best. After all, they actually look like real curtains. You’ll also want to grab two liners (unless your curtains of choice come with built-in ones). Then, if you’re using a tension rod, move it up as high as you can while allowing your curtains to skim the floor.

Not lucky enough to have fancy glass shower doors? Don’t dread having shower curtains, this decorating hack can make them look incredible.

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