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Take Advantage of Underused Under-Bed Storage Space

Empty space under bed showing where boxes can be stored.

If you’re running out of storage space in your home, you should be taking advantage of the area under your bed. It might not be much room, but it’s perfect for storing a few things.

Before You Stuff Anything Under Your Bed

It gets really dusty underneath beds. Be sure to sweep out all the dust before you start stuffing your precious belongings under there. Even though your storage items will be boxed or bagged, sweeping will help remove allergens from your home and give you a clean slate to start your new storage adventure.

Easy Under-Bed Storage

You will want some boxes that will neatly fit under your bed—we like to use shoe boxes for small things, but you’ll find no shortage of specialty storage containers like these wide but short organizers. For deep storage that you won’t access until next season, some people like to use vacuum bags to pack more stuff in the limited under-bed space.

Speaking of limited space, if you have a low-to-the-ground bed, consider picking up a set of sturdy bed-risers to get some precious inches to fit taller storage containers. We’re big fans of these cheap and strong heavy-duty risers.

What to Store Under Your Bed

Anything that will fit under your bed can be stored under there. However, it’s better to save the space for things you dig out for one or two seasons (giving you a chance for a fresh dusting under there every once in a while).

Seasonal Clothing

Rather than putting your seasonal clothing in the attic or the basement, where they may be more susceptible to vermin and moisture, vacuum seal them and put them under the bed. Storing your winter wear and summer wear under the bed during the off-seasons gives you quick access if you need something before the right season comes along.

You can store your footwear under the bed, too. Hold onto shoe boxes when you buy new shoes and use them for storing out-of-season sandals and boots under the bed (and, when the boxes are empty, you can keep them under the bed until you need them again).

Extra Bedding

If you have extra blankets for the winter, you need someplace to put them when it’s too warm out. Vacuum seal them in bags and tuck them right under the bed. You can do the same thing if you have extra sheets for guests or camping, as well as for extra pillows. Even if you’ve used containers for other things (like winter clothes), this is a spot where vacuum sealing really shines—it’s tough to fit a fluffy comforter under a bed without the use of a vacuum bag.

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