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Why You Should Keep a Lint Roller on Your Bedside Table

A lint roller sits next to two lint roller refills.

There are some staple items people keep on their bedside tables. You’re likely to find a phone charger, a lamp, a book, and maybe even some chapstick, but one thing you might not have but should is a lint roller.

Why keep a lint roller on your bedside table? Because not only can it help keep dust over your table and lampshade, but if you’ve got beds, you can say goodbye to their leftover hair.

While yes, a lint roller on your table is unconventional, for those with pets in particular, it’s wildly useful. Think of all of those tiny cat and dog hairs that somehow manage to make their way in between every item on the table. Plus, if your pet sneaks into bed (or if you allow them), your sheets and duvet can get a little extra fluffy thanks to shed fur. That’s where the lint roller comes in.

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Unlike dusters which can cause fur and dust to float into the air, a lint roller’s sticky material attaches to the fur, picking it up, and keeping it in place. Use it as you would on your clothing and roll it over surfaces that need to be cleaned. From the spot where your pet slept to the dust and fur collecting on your lampshade, it’s a quick and easy way to spruce up your space.

Of course, using a lint roller doesn’t mean you can get away with not cleaning. You’ll still need to wipe down hard surfaces and clean your bedding (please, please clean your bedding), but for those days in between cleans, a lint roller can be your best friend.

Whether you’ve got a pet or just ran out of Swiffer dusters, a lint roller can take out that problematic pet hair.

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