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Why You Should Line Drawers with Aluminum Foil

A pack of aluminum foil sits in a drawer lined with aluminum foil.
Shea Simmons/LifeSavvy

Most people have aluminum foil in their homes and use it for all the usual stuff—like wrapping leftovers and cooking a baked potato. But there’s one use for aluminum foil you might not expect.

You can line your kitchen drawers with aluminum foil, and it might just make finding that set of measuring spoons easier.

Lining your drawers with aluminum foil isn’t some weird conspiracy theory. It’s not even really a “kitchen hack”, though there are plenty of other hacks you can use with foil to make your life easier. Rather, it’s a fantastic way to get a better view of your cabinets and drawers.

If you have a smaller kitchen or the lighting isn’t great, you might find yourself resorting to shuffling around utensils and disorganizing things as you try to find what you’re looking for. Lining your drawers and cupboards with aluminum foil can mitigate that issue. Since the foil reflects light, it can help you see what you need without having to push everything else out of the way.

Plus, using aluminum foil as a drawer liner means easy clean-up. Spills and messes can be wiped away, and if the foil gets too dirty, it can quickly be replaced with a new piece.

But your drawers aren’t the only clever and unexpected way to use aluminum foil. Use it to polish silverware, clean your grill grates, and even clean cookware caked with baked-on food (that darn tuna noodle casserole!). Basically, if you didn’t think aluminum foil was a must-have before, you might now.

Stacey Koziel Stacey Koziel
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