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This Viral Espresso Pod Organizer Frees Up Counterspace

A Nespresso brews a coffee with pods mounted on a counter above it, a woman drinks coffee next to mounted k-cups on the wall, and nespresso pods are mounted under a cabinet.

For many people, the day can’t get started until that first sip of coffee. Many turn to the convenience of Nespresso or Keurig machines for that quick hit, but those pods can quickly clutter your space. But of course, TikTok has the answer.

A mountable espresso and K-cup pod holder is going viral, and not only will it clear up space in your kitchen but it also looks awesome.

The coffee pod holder popped up on TikTok when content creator @carlysilverman showcased the product in her sister-in-law’s home. At first, all you see is a Nespresso brewing a coffee, but as Silverman zooms in, you get a look beneath the cabinet above the machine. Mounted below are rows of white shelving and slipped between those rows are perfectly arranged Nespresso pods just ready to be grabbed and popped into the machine.


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While this handy storage method looks like it’d be quite the kitchen project, it’s not. The organizer is made up of sturdy plastic strips with strong adhesive on the back. Measure your space and cut the strips to fit. Then, measure how wide the pods you’d like to store are (not all pods and K-cups are the same) and mark the distance that’ll be needed between the strips. Finally, mount the strips using the adhesive, and you’ve got a killer way to display your pods and keep them out of the way.

Coffee Pod Holder,Adhesive K Cup Holder

Keep your countertops clear of clutter!

Organize your pods however you’d like, whether you put them in rows by color or flavor, or you use your own unique method. Not only is it a functional and practical product, but it looks great.

Because let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is dig around a drawer first thing in the morning looking for your perfect blend. This espresso pod organizer makes life easier, and more convenient, and when you’re craving caffeine, that’s exactly what you need.

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