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What Is the Three-Second Rule for Watering Plants?

A woman waters plants at home
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We can’t all be plant aficionados. If you’ve tried watering schedules, drainage changes, and verbally begging your plant baby to survive, there’s one more plant hack that might work.

You should try the three-second rule for watering plants which helps to take the guesswork out of your plant-watering routine. Essentially, all you do is thoroughly water your plant until a small puddle forms beneath it. Then, just wait.

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With this trick, waiting is key as you’ll need to keep an eye on your plant during this process. More specifically, keep an eye on that puddle you created. If the puddle dissolves (gets soaked up by your plant) within three seconds, add more water. If the puddle remains longer than three seconds, stop watering. Your plant has had enough.

While there are a lot of plant hacks out there, this one will help ensure your plant stays hydrated without risking root rot due to excess moisture in the soil. It can also help discourage your plant’s roots from congregating near the surface of the soil, which can happen if you give frequent, light sprinkles of water.

Once you master this plant watering method, you’re sure to see some much happier plants in your home.

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