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Why Tennis Balls Are the Secret to a Fluffy Comforter

A comforter is rolled up and placed on a bed.
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Machine-washable bedding is a must for many. No one really wants to haul their comforter out for dry cleaning or to a laundry mat if they can prevent it. But of course, washing bedding at home comes with its own issues—like bunched filling.

If you tumble dry your comforter, adding tennis balls to the dryer can help prevent bunching.

Of course, before you toss tennis balls into the dryer, you’ll want to make sure the drum is big enough. For those with king-size bedding, you’ll probably need to head to the laundromat, but for twin, full, and maybe some queen-sized comforters, you might be able to make things work.

Once you’re ready to tumble dry, place the comforter carefully in the drum and spread it out as much as possible so that it can properly tumble. Then, set the machine to the proper temperature and spin speed according to its care instructions. Before shutting the door and turning on the machine, toss in two or so tennis balls.

Wool Dryer Balls

You can always invest in the real thing.

Why tennis balls, though? Well, if you’ve seen dryer balls, they’re basically the same thing (but you might already have them in your house). As the cycle tumbles, the balls will help to fluff and break up filling in the comforter, preventing bunching and helping the bedding remain fluffy. Smart, right?

When you’re done, remove the tennis balls from the dryer, place your comforter back on your bed, and it should be as fluffy as ever.

If your comforter is in need of washing and you want to keep that fresh, fluffy, hotel bed look, tennis balls are the answer.

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