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Should You Put Denture Tablets in Your Coffee Maker?

A coffee maker sits next to a bag of coffee beans and a mug.
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Most people understand the importance of keeping their dentures clean, and denture tablets are fantastic for scrubbing away grime, food, and stains from false teeth. But, could you also be using those tablets to get the grime off of your coffee maker?

It might sound strange, but according to The Cleaning Authority, putting a denture tablet in your coffee maker can clean it.

Vinegar is typically the top choice for how to clean a coffee maker, and if that works for you, stick with it! But, it can be a smelly job, and rinsing your coffee pot and the machine over and over to get the stench out can be annoying.

Denture tablets contain sodium bicarbonate, sodium hypochlorite, and citric acid. Those ingredients don’t just clean teeth, they can get rid of grime, limescale build-up, and stains from your coffee maker, too.

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If you have a traditional drip machine, just plop two tablets into the tank and let them dissolve in water. Then, run your machine as you normally would (without coffee, of course). Repeat the process once more and you’re good to go. You can use the same method to clean your Keurig, too.

Even if you have a French press, you can get rid of grime and scaling on the pot by dissolving a couple of denture tablets in warm water and letting them “soak” for a few minutes before cleaning as you normally would.

You don’t necessarily need to add denture tablets to your cleaning supply list. But, if you already have some on hand or you use them for other things, give them a try in your coffee maker. You might be surprised by how well they work!

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