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Scratched Glass? Grab the Toothpaste!

A person wipes a mirror clean.

While you thought it was only for brushing teeth, toothpaste is actually one of those enigmatic household items that can solve a multitude of problems. One of them includes fixing your bathroom mirror.

If you have a superficial scratch on glass, you may be able to fix it using toothpaste.

While you shouldn’t attempt this hack on major scratches, it works wonders for small knicks. How? Well, as you probably already know toothpaste—the non-gel kind—is mildly abrasive. When you have a very superficial scratch (we’re talking about one you can barely even feel with your fingertip), it can help buff the scratch away. Pretty genius, right?

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Make sure to get your windows sparkling before you buff out any knicks.

So how do you do it? First, you’ll want to completely clean the glass with a gentle cleaner and microfiber towel. Then, apply a small amount of toothpaste onto a clean cloth or gentle sponge. Buff the toothpaste over the scratch in circular motions—just be sure to be gentle as you don’t want to cause more scratching. Finally, rinse, clean, and dry.

While this method is far from adequate for all scratches, for those little scrapes and dings, it’s an easy DIY solution for your glass.

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