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Why You Need to Salt Your Oven

A person holds up a canister of salt in front of an oven.
Shea Simmons/LifeSavvy

Your oven can be a real pain to clean, but the worst moment is when you’ve got a dish—like a casserole—spill over into the base of your appliance. Not only is the oven hot, but now you’ve got to worry about scraping that food away when it does cool down. But a pantry staple is the answer.

You should salt your oven immediately after a food spill to make cleanup easier.

Yes, unfortunately, you are still going to have to clean your oven. There’s no getting around that, but salt can make it easier. Once your casserole or other oven-baked dish spills into the base of the oven, immediately coat those spots with a layer of salt (just be careful of those hot grates). That’s it. Then, you wait.

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Once your oven has cooled, you should be able to scrape up those spilled, burned bits easier. Why? Well, think about what salt does. Lots of salt can draw out the moisture in foods. That’s what it does here. The salt will dry out your spilled food making it crispy and easy to flake off.

The next time you fill your pie plate or your casserole dish just a little too much and there’s an overflow, just grab the salt.

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