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Why Is Red a “Power” Color?

Woman in a red dress with red lipstick walking through a city plaza.

There are lots of reasons why people consider red a power color—research even supports the bright, flashy color has its benefits when it comes to your wardrobe. But what makes crimson clothing so powerful?

The Psychology of the Color Red

Some folks believe that color evokes certain emotions in people when they are surrounded by them. Blue tends to make people relax, but red has the opposite effect.

When you think of red, some things that might come to mind could include:

  • Valentine’s Day: Red makes us think of love and passion.
  • Anger: When you get mad, your face turns red.
  • Strength: We sometimes turn red when we’re working out, our bodies pushing through weakness to become stronger.
  • Danger: Red alerts, the red “stop” signs—many things associated with red scream “danger.”

Dangerous or loving, red is a powerful color because it evokes fear and love. But how is it helping people get jobs through the color of a tie or an intensely colored dress?

Red Makes Us Feel Confident and Draws All Eyes Our Way

Red is a power color because it does a few key things. First, it brings all eyes your way because it’s such a bright pop of color—and one that humans seem unable to resist noticing. Second, you get a boost of confidence from that attention. And, lastly, red has that aggressive edge, which gives you a leg up when you’re job hunting—you’re poised for attack and ready to get what you want.

OK, that’s a little dramatic, but red does have a bit of an aggressive feel, and that can make you feel more confident and powerful. With that in mind, wear red the next time you’re going to a job interview, meeting with the boss about a raise, or going out on a date.

Yvonne Glasgow Yvonne Glasgow
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