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You Should Let Your Pet Sleep With You—Here’s Why

A woman sleeps with a dog beside her.

If you have a furry friend, you might not be able to imagine a night without them snuggling up to you in bed. But, should you really be sleeping with pets?

Thankfully, in most cases, the answer is yes! There are plenty of benefits that come from sharing your sleeping space with your four-legged companion.

You might think you enjoy sleeping with your pet because they’re cuddly and cute, but there’s actually more science to it than you might realize. Research has shown that sleeping with pets can help to increase comfort, ease anxiety, and reduce stress. According to some preliminary studies, pets can even boost your immune system. In fact, they could help to build immunity and reduce your risk of getting sick or developing allergies.

Simply by being around your pet, you can improve your mental well-being, which can help you to get a good night’s rest and benefit your physical health, too.

While there aren’t any major risks to sleeping with your fur baby, it’s important to use your best judgment. If you have allergies, you’re concerned with germs, or your sleep quality is disrupted with your pet in your bed, don’t compromise your well-being to have them next to you. They’ll be just as happy with a comfortable bed of their own.

If you already sleep with your cuddly companion and you’re both enjoying quality sleep, there’s no need to change your arrangements. If you’ve been thinking about letting your pet climb into bed with you, consider the pros and cons and decide what’s best for both of you.

Stacey Koziel Stacey Koziel
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