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Do Anti-Hangover Drinks Work?

A hungover woman holds a bottle of water to her face.
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We’ve all heard of (and tried) different hangover drinks people swear will get rid of a pounding head after a night of indulging too much. From water to Gatorade, there are a lot of recommendations. But now, you can actually buy anti-hangover drinks, so do they work?

Unfortunately, probably not. Most cures for a hangover aren’t going to be an instant fix to make you feel better. Instead, focus on preventing a hangover in the first place.

Most anti-hangover drinks contain vitamins and electrolytes alongside other ingredients that are commonly cited as “cures.” While these ingredients might help you rehydrate while you are hungover and could lessen the severity of a hangover, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest they can prevent them altogether—only moderation can do that.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to help yourself out if you do plan on drinking. Dietitian Jennifer Maeng spoke with CNET and explained that “double-fisting” is a good rule of thumb. For every glass of alcohol, follow it up with a glass of water. Be sure to keep drinking water throughout the entire night.

When it comes to food, skip the greasy stuff (no matter how much you might want it). High protein and healthy fat snacks—like nuts—are a good option to snack on before going out and through the night according to Maeng. And never drink on an empty stomach.

If you do end up with a hangover, don’t immediately reach for the Gatorade. While it won’t hurt, there are better things you can do to get going again. Maeng said to focus on putting back some of the nutrients you lost by taking a B-complex with Vitamin C and staying away from diuretics that can worsen dehydration.

So, are there any quick-fix cures for the average hangover? Unfortunately, no. Choose to enjoy healthy foods and hydrate as much as possible. Your hangover might not go away faster, but you’ll start to replenish your body and feel more like yourself sooner.

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