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Does a Night Shower Help Allergies?

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If you have seasonal allergies, pollen lingering in the air can feel like your worst nightmare. It sticks to your clothes and skin and ends up “hanging on” all day. If you climb into bed without washing it off, you might as well be sleeping in a wildflower field.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But, showering at night can give you some relief from your seasonal allergies.

Most people who deal with seasonal allergies will do just about anything to stop sniffling, sneezing, and experiencing teary eyes. But pollen likes to stick to just about everything making avoiding the stuff difficult. Plus, even if you don’t see it floating around in the air, it’s probably still “attacking” you quietly all day, lingering on your skin and the fabric of your clothing. Thankfully, it could be as simple as taking a shower before bed.

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If you don’t shower before bed, you could be inhaling that pollen all night. Even worse, a lot of it will end up transferring onto your bed sheets and blankets. So, even if you take a shower later, it will still be there when you get back into bed, creating a never-ending cycle of sniffles.

Taking a night shower will help rinse the pollen from your body and keep it off of your sheets. It’s a good idea to toss your clothes in the washer, too, rather than keeping them in your room to let the pollen touch more things.

This is such a simple tip, and while it might not work for the most severe of allergy sufferers, it could make a difference in how well you manage your seasonal allergies. So, take the time to rinse off before bed, and you might enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

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