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Is Home Staging Worth the Cost?

A living room is decorated in neutral gray tones with a coach, chair, and black end table with a pop of greenery thanks to a plant.

If you’re looking to sell a home, you’re probably committed to doing everything possible to make it sell as quickly as possible and at the best price possible. So should that include home staging?

Is home staging worth it? According to research from Investopedia, yes, it just might be.

Home staging can be a valuable investment. While there is a cost associated with home staging that varies based on your area, the return on investment is high. According to Investopedia, 23% of buyers’ agents said home staging raised the dollar value buyers offered between 1% and 5%. Meanwhile, 18% of non-buyer agents believe offers were actually 6-10% higher.

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Why is home staging so effective? The buyers’ agents included in the Investopedia research cited the ability of buyers to visualize themselves in a space as the top reason. That’s probably not the first time you’re hearing that, either. Realtors and other professionals commonly recommend repainting a home in neutral colors for that same buyer visualization.

In terms of how quickly listings sold, unstaged homes were on the market for an average of  143 days while staged homes tended to sell in just 23 days. Not too shabby, right?

Of course, the cost of home staging is something to consider. If you can’t afford it, you simply can’t. There are plenty of affordable home upgrades you can do to help increase sale chances outside of staging. But if you can afford it, your return on investment for home staging might be something to consider.

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