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How to Make Your Fake Houseplant Look Real

Multiple fake houseplants sits on a shiny surface.

We all love a little green in our home, but not all of us have the patience or consistency necessary to keep real plants alive. Fake plants are an easy solution, and there’s no shame in that. But if you’re worried your fake houseplant looks, well, fake, there’s a hack for that!

Content creator, Chantel Mila, has a fake plant hack that makes your larger faux pieces look more realistic.


Tall indoor plants can be pricey, so this cost-effective hack allows you to get that large plant look on a budget 🙌 This quick + inexpensive hack is one of my favourites to make your faux indoor plants look so much taller + realistic. Hope this was helpful lovelies x #homehacks #homeinterior #hometips #homedesignhack #homesweethome

♬ low sza sped up - OgSpaceHeyGirls

For this hack, you’ll need a high-quality faux plant, preferably a larger one meant to act as an accent to your space (think a faux monstera or a fake fiddle leaf fig). Next, grab an oversized pot that you love—like something that goes with your other home decor or that adds a pop of color. Then, stack a few, small old boxes or crates inside the pot that your plant will be able to rest on without toppling over and place your plant inside. Your plant should look taller and a bit more realistic already, but you’re not done.

Nearly Natural Ficus Artificial Tree

If you love a ficus tree and hate the maintenance, this lifelike and full-sized faux ficus can fill your indoor or outdoor space with its lush beauty.

Once your plant is in position, cover the base (and boxes) with a towel, and finally, cover your towel with artificial moss. The end result will make your faux plant look larger and more natural in your home. If you’ve already got boxes and towels around, you’ve already got half the stuff you need.

While sure, you still won’t have the gift of a green thumb, you can fake it, and isn’t that good enough?

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