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This Shopping Hack Helps You Save Money

A woman holds a credit card up to a laptop that she's shopping on.

If you love a good bargain, then saving money is half the fun of shopping. If you prefer impulse buying, though, then you may not care about the price… until you’re checking your statements later and cringing.

Well, there’s a shopping hack that could help.

The Snapshot Method created by Apartment Therapy writer Heidi Johnson helps ensure you find the best deal but don’t end up with things you don’t actually want or need. The best part? It works for both adults and kids…and all you need is your phone.

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Next time you’re out shopping and you find something you want but don’t need, don’t take it to the checkout. Instead, snap a photo of it. If you’re out with your kids and they start begging you for a toy they found, don’t say “yes” or “no” right away. Take a photo of it. When you’re online shopping and you’re inclined to “add to cart,” take a quick photo instead.

Then, in a few hours (or maybe even give it a few days), revisit your collection of shopping photos. Now that you’ve had some space, you can decide if you still want anything or if you simply had a case of the buying bug. Snag what great gifts for the kids are actually good buys and purchase the items you would actually use and enjoy.

If you’ve always found yourself impulse shopping and wind up regretting it, this clever hack could help keep your closet decluttered and your wallet happy.l

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