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Three Unusual Use Cases for Your Heavy-Duty Cooler

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We all know coolers–especially hard-shelled, heavy-duty models–are great for keeping food and drinks chilled for long periods of time. But what good are they when you’re not camping, hiking, tailgating, or otherwise spending time out in the heat of summer? It turns out you don’t have to leave your cooler to collect dust in your garage, as there are several other practical uses for heavy-duty coolers that you may not have considered.

If you’re someone who likes to brine chicken or turkey (you’re really missing out if you don’t), you can actually utilize your cooler for the brining process rather than your refrigerator. This can prove especially useful if you have limited fridge space, or around the holidays when you’ve got more food taking up precious space. Simply fill the cooler with ice, place your chicken or turkey and brining water in an extremely strong, heavy-duty plastic bag or specialty brining bag, and follow the normal brining process like you would in your fridge.

If you’re someone who loves to display fresh-cut bouquets at home or want to make your birthday/Valentine’s Day/Mother’s Day flowers last a little longer, stashing a bouquet in a cooler overnight will keep them from wilting for a few extra days. This tip will prove especially useful in hotter months, or if you have a home that is typically warm and dry.

Heavy Duty Coolers | Starting at $149 | Blue Coolers

Finally, a big, hard-shelled cooler can actually make a handy makeshift dishwashing/soaking station at dinner parties and get-togethers. Stick your cooler in your kitchen, fill it with soapy water, and then ask your guests to (gently!) deposit their dirty dishes into the cooler instead of the sink. This will keep your sink from getting too cluttered and give you space for scrubbing big pots and pans.

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Blue Coolers

If you’re looking to upgrade your current cooler or invest in a heavy-duty one for the first time–whether for any of above listed reasons or more traditional purposes–Blue Coolers offer excellent high-end options at a lower price tag than you’ll find with competing brands. Whether you opt for a whopping 110-quart Ark Series model with wheels, a smaller Cobalt Roto-Molded option that won’t cost several hundred dollars, or the popular 60-quart Ice Vault edition designed to keep ice intact for up to 10 whole days, each Blue Cooler comes with a slew of useful features.

Not only are the insulated walls 40% thicker, but Blue Coolers come with a pressure release valve that allows you to lift the lid at the single touch of a button, a built-in bottle opener, an easy open/close locking mechanism in place of rubber ties, and a drain plug at the base so you don’t have to pick up and shake your cooler to get rid of melted ice and water. Not to mention all the larger models have wheels and handles, so you can easily roll your cooler from place to place instead of carrying it yourself.

Blue Coolers

Blue Coolers produces premium heavy-duty coolers designed to keep their contents cold and secure for long periods of time, even in hot summer conditions.


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