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Turn a Blanket Into a Throw Pillow With This Folding Hack

A set of blankets if folded on top of a couch.
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Whether you’re marathoning a show on Netflix or curled up with a book, nothing makes things cozier than a blanket. But when it comes time to put them away, they don’t always look great draped over a couch, and mostly, they end up piled in a corner. But there’s a folding hack that can help.

You can fold a blanket to become a throw pillow, and it’s easier than you think.

This hack comes from content creator @organizingbyivonne. In the video, Ivonne shows a plethora of throw blankets shattered along a couch before waving a finger in front of the camera. Then, she picks them up before laying one flat on a surface.

She then rolls it up until it essentially looks like a blanket sausage. Once the blanket is in one roll, she ties it into a knot in the center. Finally, she carefully tucks the ends into the knot creating what looks exactly like a trendy knot-shaped throw pillow.


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Once the pillow is done, Ivonne places it back onto the couch, and it blends in seamlessly with her others. Basically, not only is this hack simple, but it’ll also make your space look neat, organized, and trendy. Plus, you’ll save a fortune on buying throw pillows.

Big Blanket Company Original Stretch Blanket

Make a gigantic throw pillow from this seriously gigantic blanket.

The next time you’re shoving throw blankets into a basket or trying perfectly drape one over the side of your couch, skip it and use this hack instead.

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