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Is Eating Ice Bad for You?

A glass full of ice sits on a pink and blue background.

Some people love the crunch that comes from chomping down on a piece of ice. It might seem like a quick way to cool down, alleviate boredom, or just satisfy the need for something crunchy. But, while eating ice might not damage your health, it could take a toll on your teeth.

Eating ice can damage your teeth, enamel, and gums.

Colgate explains that not only can it crack or chip your teeth, but if the enamel wears away, you could develop an increased sensitivity to hot and cold. You’ll also be more prone to tooth decay and cavities.

If you’ve already had those issues in the past and have had dental work done, chewing ice could be your worst nightmare. It doesn’t take much for a “crunch” to damage fillings, crowns, and veneers.

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Instead of ice, stash other snacks for on-the-go nibbling.

Consider why you got into this chilly habit, in the first place. If you like the cooling sensation of chewing on ice, take a piece and let it melt in your mouth, instead.  If you just feel like you need something to crunch, opt for healthier options that won’t damage your teeth, like carrot sticks or apples. Not only will they keep your smile intact, but they’re good for your overall health and can actually stimulate saliva production and work as a natural mouthwash.

Some people who feel the need to chew ice could be doing it as a way to manage stress. If that sounds familiar, it might be time to seek out healthier ways of relaxing. Or, consider working with a professional to manage your worries.

Whatever the case, do what you can to avoid temptation, and kick the ice-crunching habit as soon as possible. Your teeth will thank you.

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