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The Bathroom Item You Should Never Declutter

A bathroom closet is organized with towels, toiletries, and other items.
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It’s easy to get swept up in the bathroom declutter trends. You get on a cleaning spree and toss any unused or “unnecessary” items in the trash. But hang on just a sec…Before you purge everything in your bathroom, consider this: What would you do if your favorite product ran out?

Having a backup supply of your most-used toiletries and bathroom essentials can be a lifesaver in unexpected situations. This means, you actually shouldn’t declutter backup shampoo, extra conditioner, travel-sized toiletries, and other commonly-used items.

Maybe you run out of your favorite shampoo on a busy morning when you’re already late for work, or you host a few unexpected overnight guests who forgot to bring their own toiletries. In a more serious scenario, you might be stuck without access to a store or your usual products due to a power outage or other emergency.

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By keeping extra everyday products in your bathroom, you’ll always be prepared for these situations. You don’t need to keep every half-empty bottle or bar of soap, but having a few extra supplies on hand can make all the difference when you need them most.

If you have several from the same brand, you can even consolidate them into a larger bottle to clear up space. While, of course, you should take expiration dates into consideration, on average, shampoo and body wash can last 2-4 years, so it’s unlikely they’re expired.

Next time you see a tempting decluttering method you’re itching to try, remember you only need to declutter the things you don’t use or need.

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