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Nightmare Itch from Bug Bites? This Device ‘Burns’ It Away

A man scratches at a bug bite on his arm.

Yes, the weather is warmer and the sun is out more. Unfortunately, that also means it’s bug bite season. While, of course, there are bug sprays and other deterrents, you can’t ward them all off. But if you get bit, there’s a solution to all that itching.

As it turns out, heat can help relieve bug bite itchings, and there’s a handy, portable tool that does just that.

The Bite Away offers relief from stings and bites from insects (particularly mosquitos and biting gnats) by applying heat to a specific area. The small, pen-shaped tool features a ceramic head that heats up to 124 degrees Fahrenheit and is applied for 3-5 seconds. While those seconds aren’t going to be the most comfortable moments of your life, they will alleviate the itch for several hours—and isn’t it worth it?

Bite Away is appropriate for all ages (just be sure to be delicate with small children as this does have some sting to it) and is approved by the FDA. Plus, unlike traditional treatments such as creams, it makes zero mess and has no medicinal smell. It’s truly just heat.

So how does it work? According to Bite Away, an insect’s bite triggers an immune reaction and our bodies produce histamine which binds to nerve cells and can cause itching. Bite Away works by using heat as a “counter-irritant” that stops the signal to itch from traveling to your brain. The pen also works via heat shock which could slow the release of histamine and other inflammatory responses that cause itching.

Whether you plan to be camping with the family, lounging by the lake, or just generally being outdoors during bug season, Bite Away could help with some pretty much inevitable itching.

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