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These Foods and Aluminum Foil Aren’t Friends

Lemons sit outside of a pack of aluminum foil with shrimp and spices inside of it.

For many, aluminum foil is a kitchen staple. It can be used to store foods temporarily and be a great tool for cooking on the grill. But, are there foods you shouldn’t use aluminum foil with?

As it turns out, yes, some foods just aren’t compatible with aluminum foil.

Martha Steward Living dug a little deeper into this subject by talking to a few food experts. According to Ali Manning, a food scientist and the founder of Umami Food Consulting, aluminum foil is a great heat conductor. That’s what makes it work so well for things like baked potatoes and roasted vegetables.

However, according to Stephen Chavez, chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, the aluminum foil shouldn’t be used whenever you’re dealing with high-acid or high-salt foods. Ingredients like tomato sauce, vinegar, and citrus might not damage the foil, but the acidity could cause the food to taste strange, and aluminum could actually seep into the food.

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So, how do you use aluminum foil to cook and also keep yourself safe and the food tasting good?

Since aluminum foil is so durable, it can be shaped to fit your needs. You can tent food loosely with it, wrap it tightly, and use it as a barrier to keep your oven or favorite bakeware safe.

It’s great for conducting heat if you’re cooking root vegetables. It can perfectly cradle a large roast or a rack of ribs for easy clean-up. If you’re using heavy-duty foil, you can even use it in your air fryer, on your grill, or put it directly over coals to get a smoky flavor without charring your food.

Foil will likely always remain a kitchen necessity. But, make sure you know how to use it, and when it should be avoided.

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