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How to Make Chilis Less Spicy But Still Flavorful

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Chilis can add a ton of flavor to all different types of dishes. They can be smoky, fruity, and complex. But, all of those deep flavors can be masked if the pepper practically burns off your taste buds.

Thankfully, there’s a simple trick you can do to make chilis less spicy—remove the seeds!

A TikTok from @joesgarden shows you how easy it is to get rid of the seeds from fresh chilis, and it works for just about every pepper you can think of.


You can easily remove the heat from your chilli so you can appreciate the fantastic flavour 😊🌱! #organic #diy #tips #didyouknow #learnontiktok #chilli #cooking

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Taking the seeds out of chili peppers isn’t just a social media hack. It’s actually something most avid cooks know, so you can enjoy the aromatic flavors of different chilis without being overwhelmed with heat.

But what do the seeds have to do with it?

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Chili seeds are often embedded in the white “pith” or ribs of chilis. That pith contains a substance called capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chemical compound that creates heat in peppers. Different chilis have different levels of capsaicin, making them milder or hotter. For example, a habanero has more capsaicin than a jalapeno.

Since the seeds become coated in the substance, removing them also helps to remove the heat. The seeds themselves actually don’t create any heat, they’re just “coated” in it. So, make sure you take out the ribs from your chilis, too.

When you’re able to remove some of the heat from chilis, you can enjoy them in sauces, soups, stews, and so much more. You’ll learn to appreciate how different varieties can taste, and what they can (literally) bring to the table.

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