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When Is Mosquito Season?

Mosquitos swarm around a person's hand.

As the weather heats up and we spend more time outside, the presence of mosquitoes becomes an all-too-familiar irritant. If you don’t want your backyard barbecues, pool days, and camping trips ruined by these itchy pests, it’s time to identify mosquito season.

When do mosquitoes come out, exactly?

The answer is a bit more complicated than you might want it to be. We’d like it to be straightforward, too, but as it turns out, mosquito season largely depends on where you live.

In the Northeast, mosquito season typically begins in late spring and lasts until early fall.  If you live in the Southeast, expect mosquito season to start as early as February or March and continue into November.

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Meanwhile, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, mosquito season usually runs from May through September, while in the Southwest, mosquito season tends to start around March and end around September.

If you’re wondering why mosquito season varies so much across different regions, remember it all comes down to the weather. Mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid conditions, so areas with longer, warmer summers tend to have longer mosquito seasons.

Factors like rainfall and temperature always affect the timing and severity of mosquito season in different regions. No matter where you live, it’s always important to take steps to protect yourself from mosquito bites during peak season.

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